Radio direction finding or RDF has been around since before World War One. From the time of the invention of radio, there has been a desire to know from what direction a radio signal was arriving at the listener’s radio receiver.

Amateur Radio has found several uses for RDF:

- Hunting down interfering radio signals, both accidental and malicious interference to repeaters (affecting both ham and commercial communications, including emergency services).

-Helping to locate downed aircraft by their emergency locator beacons (ELT).


The entertaining sport of “fox”, “bunny” or T-hunting. It is “fox hunting” that has spread through many ham radio clubs around the world as a very exciting and fun aspect of the hobby. Fox hunting can take many forms of transmitter hunting, from a person hiding within a few blocks of the starting point with his handheld and periodically making a transmission while others try to find him on foot using directional antennas; to a competition with multiple unmanned automatic transmitters scattered over a course that can be several hundred kilometers long – the entrants being required to find each transmitter in proper order with a minimum number of kilometers driven. Another variation includes jogging or running from one low power fox transmitter to another while carrying RDF equipment.


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I plan on organizing a Fox hunt this summer. so get your gear together and be ready you never know when a fox will be hiding in Wascana park